Nava Aria Co. (Nava KEM) is proud of its around 20 years of honorable activity in the areas of importation, exportation, procuration and distribution of various kinds of chemicals like plating industries, fertilizer manufacturing, edible, textile, industrial, health, livestock and poultry and laboratorial industries and product, solvents and detergent.
Since being incorporated, we have attempted to maintain an ascending trend in our performance diagram, focusing on and meeting needs of our customers and taking into account their tastes as well as being honest in work and using proper facilities for improvement of production and distribution processes.
We are so happy that after many years of attempts and endeavors, we have been managed to open our doors for industrial, scientific and advertisement councils and assemblies in order to be a company which is able to promote advertisement objectives and missions of your company. We hope to play a considerable role for realizing such an objective.
Achieving our prominent ambition that is consent of the customer would not be realized unless through assistance of those who have trusted Nava Aria Co.
Nava Aria Co. would be very glad to act as a bridge between you and your invitees and customers. We do our best to achieve such a goal and welcome any cooperation eagerly in this regard.  
Specialized products of our company are offered with NAVA KEM logo.
Strategic Objectives and Services
  • Rendering services with proper quality within minimum period of time and at the lowest possible cost for earning consent of customers, based on our commitments
  • To provide customers of Nava Aria Co. with special discounts,
  • Paying attention to needs of customers constantly through periodic assessment
  • To prepare a proper basis for three principles of quality, speed and price,
  • Comfortable purchase of Nava Aria Company’s products with options of loading and transportation upon request of our customers,
  • Paying attention professionally in choosing martials
  • Assurance of customers from quality of products by emphasizing on this principle,

Our company is trading with European, South American, African, Middle Eastern, Middle Asian and Far Eastern companies. Also Nava Kem Co. is prepared for making connections with credible companies in the area of production of chemicals, especially raw materials for manufacturing macro and micro chemical fertilizers.


Monday, 17 June 2024


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